The Head RoyalEdit

b. is Birth; w. is Wed; div. is Divorce; d. is Death; s. is separated

Children of Queen Elizabeth IIEdit

Son and Daughter-in-lawEdit

Former members

  • Diana, Princess of Wales (b. 1961 w. 1981; s. 1992; div. 1996 d. 1997)
  • Captain Mark Phillips (b. 1948 w. 1973 div. 1992)
  • Sarah, Duchess of York (b. 1959 w. 1986 div. 1996)


Grandchildren of Elizabeth IIEdit


Great GrandchildrenEdit

  • Miss Savannah Phillips (b. 2010)
  • Miss Isla Phillips (b. 2012)
  • His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge (b. 2013)
  • Miss Mia Grace Tindall (b. 2014)

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