Autumn and Peter got married in May 17, 2008, 3 years ago and had a child last year and she is a cutie. They are a very good couple and they will be very good parents. Well, let’s get back to the subject... um… what was it? Oh yeah! The weddingJ. What was the wedding dress and accessories like?

The dress was beautiful but I don’t know exactly what it was made out of. But she had a lace shawl, a lace belt around her waist, her dress looked great on her, she had a bouquet that looked like Elizabeth’s. Her tiara was borrowed by her mother-in-law, Anne. Her veil was attached by her tiara. And did you know Autumn is Canadian? That makes me happy. So what were the bridesmaids wearing?

Haha, I mixed it up! Instead of Flower girls I put bridesmaids. So guess who was one of the bridesmaids? Peter’s sis, Zara; well the dresses were green and beautiful one at that. The dresses were made out of mint green and they were strapless and they were made by Vera Wang. Where was the wedding held at?

The wedding was held at St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. That is the second known wedding I know of. The other one is Sophie and Edward in 19 99.